Thursday, February 21, 2013

Now on Facebook!

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let everyone know that we are now on Facebook.

Even on Facebook we have our product listed, so feel free to view our products either on our own website or on Facebook.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Xtreme Optimum Power Ventrical Turbo stroker

This is what one of our customer says about this item.

"this product does not work and should not be on the  market"

Our return policy - Part 2

Today there was an incident that I had to add to the original "Our return policy". Still upset with the issue, but I am hoping that by posting what has happened, I can get an opinion on whether what I have done is correct or not.

A customer wish to have a refund because the item fell on the floor. Some how the item fell out of the plastic wrap. What I found strange is that the item is made of Pyrex glass and how can it drop on the floor? Wouldn't anyone place the box on top of a desk or table and then open the box? 

How ever the item fell, the customer threw the item in the garbage right away. The customer blames us for not sealing the item in the package correctly, but I am not the manufacture so I have no control on how they seal the item. Also, I inform them that we do not sell used items. I refuse to sell used item. Any return items are destroyed because take I take hygiene seriously. Even a deck of cards are destroyed because I don't know what the other person have done with those cards.

Even our return policy (item number 6) clearly states that we will not refund used item. Here is the quote from our return policy and hope that someone can give me their opinion if it is clear or not.
"6) No refund will be made for products that are opened & used or not in resalable or received in damaged condition (only be determined by us or our appointed third party or shipping company)."

 Is this clear?

Customer also wants a refund for their trouble. The item is in the garbage and unable to return to it. I would be glad to give them a refund, but I would like to have that item back as proof that they did not sell it. The customer said, "customers are always right and my job is to keep them happy and to ensure future business". I also agree with what the customer says, but how do I know that this is not a scam? They buy something from me (let say $25.00), receive the item, sell the item ($15.00), and wants a refund from me. If I refund them, they made $15.00 and I am out $25.00. Now image that every customer I have is doing this. I might as well give pay people to order products from me. 

By having the item return will prevent this from happening. It has nothing to do with reselling. As I stated before, I will never sell used item. It is a preventive thing.

This customer claims that they have a small business and they would refund the client even though the item have not been returned. I personally do not believe that this customer owns a business. I would like anyone to name a company that would refund a person without a return item.

So folks, please give me your honest opinion on this situation. Am I wrong in refusing the refund without the return item?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

eCheck with PayPal

Those of you who uses eCheck with PayPal should know how the transaction works because we had a customer who insisted that we pay for his NSF.

We have spoken with PayPal Merchant Solution about this issue and we feel that everyone should be aware of how the eCheck works with PayPal.
So this is what thet have informed use...

The moment you accept to transmit the payment to us, it is an instant transaction with PayPal. Even if we denied the payment 0.1 second after, it is too late. The transaction submit to the bank have already been started for the withdraw of the funds from your account. This is an automated process for eCheck.

We have done everything correct by denying the payment, so we will never receive your payments. The only option that we have are to accept or deny the eCheck. There is no option for us to cancel the eCheck.

PayPal also informed us that we cannot stop the transaction because we do not own that account. It is owner of the account who can cancel the transaction, so it is important that you contact the bank and inform them not to process the eCheck.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Estimate for shipping

Whenever asking for an estimate on how much shipping cost, it would help a lot by providing the item(s) you wish to purchase and an address you wish it to be deliver to.

Shipping is based on the weight and size of the item. Without a physical address, it is almost impossible to get a good estimate on how much the shipping would be.

So, whenever you want an estimate on how much the shipping is always remember to provide the list of item(s) and an address.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

FrogIt disallowed my products

We are sad to inform you that FrogIt is no longer accepting our product feed because of complaints from people. Even though, we have specify the listing as an adult products, people still complained about it.

We do not blame the company for not allowing our products to be listed.

Our return policy

We received an email concerning our return policy.

If you accept returned items meant for personal use, how can I be sure the product I order has not been used, returned or previously opened (as your policy encourages) and is being re-sold to me? That would not be acceptable.

Thank You

 Here is our response....
In our return policy, item #6 clearly indicate that we will not accept any used products. By law, we have to have a return policy for non personal use as in DVDs, jewellery, etc..

To obtain an RMA, we check what product is being return and why. We do ask if they have use the item and inform them that if the item have been used, they will not get a refund. Also, any item that is return that are person use is automatically destroyed. We do not sell any used items. All items are new.

If we catch anyone in our company sell used item, they are terminated immediately.
 We would like to stress that we strictly enforce this policy because we believe in the health and safety of our clients.