Saturday, June 4, 2011

Our return policy

We received an email concerning our return policy.

If you accept returned items meant for personal use, how can I be sure the product I order has not been used, returned or previously opened (as your policy encourages) and is being re-sold to me? That would not be acceptable.

Thank You

 Here is our response....
In our return policy, item #6 clearly indicate that we will not accept any used products. By law, we have to have a return policy for non personal use as in DVDs, jewellery, etc..

To obtain an RMA, we check what product is being return and why. We do ask if they have use the item and inform them that if the item have been used, they will not get a refund. Also, any item that is return that are person use is automatically destroyed. We do not sell any used items. All items are new.

If we catch anyone in our company sell used item, they are terminated immediately.
 We would like to stress that we strictly enforce this policy because we believe in the health and safety of our clients.

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